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Healthy & Well at LBNL is a centralized location for Lab staff to find support and resources to help build their health, wellness and well-being. The website is intended to get you thinking about the things you can do to foster health and wellness in your life - both at work and at home. In each section you’ll find a collection of resources from the Lab, UC Berkeley and the community that touch on different aspects of health and wellness.

Why does it matter?

You know the safety advice when flying “Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others”? The same goes for health and wellness – caring for ourselves is an integral part in caring for our families, friends and loved ones. Caring for ourselves gives us the capacity to better handle stressful or demanding situations both at home and work.

The site is a collaborative effort between Health Services, Human Resources and the IDEA Office to support the health and wellness of Berkeley Lab employees and their families. Questions? Please email us at

January resources

  • Wellness Seminar Replay:
    This presentation takes a closer look at loneliness
    and what we can do to de-stigmatize and alleviate it – for ourselves and others. One way is to build community - check out our list of ways to make new connections at the lab.

  • Ergo Angle: What do you do to recharge?
    The EHS Ergonomics Team asked employees what they do to recharge and what can prevent us from taking time to recharge. Check out the survey summary slides for common hurdles to taking breaks and some creative suggestions to get to you started. Find inspiration to recharge and track your progress daily with this handy checklist.

  • Benefits Corner:
    If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out the new Benefits website for an easy way to see and review all of our benefit information. Also be sure to check out the Employee Discount page - chocolate anyone?

  • One Minute for Wellness Slides

  • Good Reads:
    “Serious” Leaders Need Self-Care, Too - This article from the Harvard Business Review makes the case for why self-care is essential for everyone at work.

  • Meditation of the month:
    Get started with a meditation practice using one of the many great available apps - we even get a few of them free! Check out list and more great mindfulness practices on our Mindfulness page.

  • Practice of the month:
    We could all probably be a little kinder to ourselves - try this practice of writing yourself a letter full of self-compassion. It’s a great way to shift your inner dialogue from harsh to kind.

  • Podcast of the Month:
    Ten Percent Happier - Karamo: How to Actually Do Self-Love
    It might sound a little cliched, but there’s science to back up the practice of self compassion. Dan Harris brings his traditional skepticism and humor to the topic in this interview.

Upcoming Events

Free smoking cessation classes Winter 2022

Winter 2022 online program offered via Video Conference:

What: A FREE 8-session smoking cessation online program offered by the City of Berkeley (Ask about the $25 gift card for those who complete the classes)

Where: Through Video Conference (class login information given after registration is complete)

Who: ANYONE 18+ who is ready to quit smoking for good and lives in Berkeley or the Bay Area

When: 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3/, *2/7, 2/10, 2/27 and 2/24

Evenings from 6-8pm

*Thursday classes except for 1 Monday on 02/07/2022

To REGISTER click on this intake form link

Smoking cessation flyer

Be Well at Work Workshops

To register, log into the UC Learning Center(link is external) and search for the name of the workshop.

Elder Care

  • Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body Tue 1/25; 12:10 – 1:30 pm

  • Aging With Pride: Caregiving & Dementia in the LGBTQ+ Community Thu 2/3; 12:10 – 1:30 pm

  • Holistic Quality of Life: Creating Joyful Moments Thu 3/3; 12:10 – 1:30 pm

  • Meaningful Consent: Social & Legal Issues in Caring for Adults with Cognitive Changes Tue 4/12; 12:10 - 1:30 pm

  • Going the Distance: Resilience & Self-Care for Family Caregivers Thu 5/5; 12:10 - 1:30 pm


  • Supporting Anxious Children: A Framework for Understanding and Managing Your Child's Anxiety Thu 2/24; 12:10 – 1:30 pm

  • Planning Your Pregnancy Leave Thu 3/10; 12:10 - 1pm

  • Returning to Work Following Baby Bonding Leave Thu 3/31; 12:10 - 1 pm

  • Breastfeeding Your Baby/Returning to Work or School Thu 4/7; 1 – 4:15 pm

  • Self-Compassion for Caregivers of Children & Teenagers Thu 5/19; 12:10 – 1pm

Financial Wellness

  • Women and Investing Tue 3/8; 12:10 – 1 pm

  • Creating a Budget Tue 4/5; 12:10 – 1 pm

  • Preparing for Retirement Wed 3/23: 11 am – 1pm

Stress Management

  • Reframe to Refresh: Why Our Thoughts Matter Wed 2/16; 12:10 - 1:30 pm

  • Guided Meditation Fri 4/15; 12:10 – 12:55 pm

  • Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace Tue 5/17; noon – 12:50 pm

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