A healthy diet throughout life promotes healthy pregnancy outcomes, supports normal growth, development and aging, helps to maintain a healthy body weight, and reduces the risk of
chronic disease- leading to overall health and well-being.

Making the right food choices can be confusing, but a nutritious diet is essential for overall health. UC is measuring for success by trying to slow the growing rate of diabetes, an epidemic that is dramatically reduced with a healthy diet. Through disease prevention and care management resources, UC employees can discover the connection between their health and the foods they eat.

Learn more about your health plan's diabetes prevention and maintenance programs and resources:

  • Anthem Blue Cross invites UC PPO plan members to take a one-minute quiz to find out if you qualify for Solera, Anthem’s free diabetes prevention program. Most programs include small group support, access to a personal health coach and tools like a wireless scale or an activity tracker.

  • Health Net offers UC members access to Omada, an online program that helps individuals reduce their risk for serious, preventable diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Omada promotes healthy choices and lifelong habits through resources such as access to health coaching, a wireless scale and digital pedometer, weekly interactive lessons and an online support group.

  • Kaiser Permanente members with diabetes can find support through tools, resources and online and in person classes to help create a personalized action plan matching your preferences, your individual ability and your level of commitment.

The holiday season is just about here and we’re discussing everyone’s favorite topic — food! Whether you’re planning get-togethers with loved ones or looking for a healthy treat while you snuggle up on the couch, check out these recipes from UC kitchens.

Brought to you from Be Well At Work, this page has a list of amazing recipes and handouts on everything from 10 Ways to Cook Eggs to Pantry Staples.

Want Pinpoint Nutrition for your age, activity, and food preferences? Check out this Nutrition Calculator

Use the Precision Nutrition Calculator to instantly get a nutrition plan—with macros, calorie, and portions—that’s personalized for your body, eating preferences, and goals.

Here’s what a Healthy Plate should look like, are you doing it right? Brought to you from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, this website offers recipes, suggestions, an app to meet your healthy eating goals and more.

Have Food and Nutrition related questions? This site offers a chance to ask an registered dietitian your food related questions.

Check out our Healthy Food options available here at Berkeley Lab