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Healthy & Well at LBNL is launching a Wellness Ambassador program. Berkeley Lab Wellness Ambassadors play a key role in supporting Healthy & Well initiatives by sharing resources and events with their areas, divisions, and coworkers and, in doing so, promote a culture of whole-person wellness at LBNL. Once approved, the Wellness Ambassadors are added to an email group and sent monthly health & wellness content. They can then share the resources via email announcements, one-minute slides, division newsletters and more. See below for the details.

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What is a Wellness Ambassador?

Berkeley Lab Wellness Ambassadors are staff volunteers who play a key role in supporting the Lab’s health and wellness resources by promoting them to their areas, divisions, departments, groups and friends. Any LBNL employee can volunteer as a Wellness Ambassador.

What is the Ambassador Role?

  • Voluntary role to help increase employee participation and engagement in wellness activities and, by doing so, promote a culture of whole-person wellness at LBNL.

  • Share health and wellness resources with your area, division, group and area communications team

  • Share your enthusiasm for health and wellness and advocate for a healthier lifestyle, wellness, self-care and resilience

  • Act as a resource for fellow staff who are seeking information

  • Participate in wellness programs and activities

  • Wellness Ambassadors are asked to commit to this role for at least one year

Benefits of Being a Wellness Ambassador

  • Provides motivation to stay committed to your own health and wellness goals.

  • Enhances your communication and planning skills.

  • Contribute to a healthy workplace and work culture at Berkeley Lab

  • Receive annual recognition

  • Add to your PMP

Time Commitment

  • Minimal time commitment - approximately 1-2 hours per month.


  • Once approved, you will be added to a Google Group email list and will receive monthly updates with a variety of resources to share with your area, division and/or groups.

How to become a Wellness Ambassador

  • Unless your division has an existing wellness team (like JGI), we would like to have, at most, two wellness ambassadors per division. Take a look at the roster below to see if your division already has representatives.

  • Discuss your interest in becoming a Wellness Ambassador with your supervisor.

  • Sign up via our Wellness Ambassador Sign Up Form

  • Please be sure to provide your supervisor's name and email in the form as we will contact them for their approval.

  • If you have questions, please contact: wellness-coordinators@lbl.gov

Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassador Roster